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Schubert Bibliography Recommendations

The SIUK website holds a growing bibliography of several hundred books, journal articles, magazines, catalogues, etc., about Schubert the man, his works, and general background information about his times. The books listed are not necessarily 'recommended', though the descriptions of the books may give an opinion about the worth of the book in the eyes of the reviewer - such views are not necessarily the view of SIUK, of course.

This page shows some 'favourites', a subset of the complete bibligraphy which includes books that are historically important for various reasons, and books which we feel are particularly relevant to modern Schubert studies. Where there is a version of the book in English, we list that version, otherwise we list the original version (the full bibliography lists all known language versions). 


On another page we have a fully filterable query page that will enable you to search the complete bibliography.

Basic Sources
Compendia and Analysis
Schubert Works
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