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This page shows obituaries, mainly taken from The Schubertian, of Schubertians and SIUK Members and officers.

Peter Branscombe (1929–2008)
Scholar, writer, SIUK Committee member
Gitta Deutsch (1924-1998)
Daughter of Otto Erich Deutsch
Howard Ferguson (1908-1999)
Composer, editor, SIUK VP
John Fraser
Local Government Officer, Trade Union official, SIUK Committee member.
Stanley Freed (1929-2020)
SIUK Committee member
Anthony Goldstone (1941 - 2017)
Paul Hamburger (1920-2004)
Pianist, teacher, writer, SIUK member
The Earl of Harewood (1923 - 2011)
Cousin of the Queen, ENO MD and Chairman, Editor of Kobbe's, SIUK Member
Robin Jessel (1930–2005)
SIUK Committee member and treasurer
Lord Moser (1922 - 2015)
Statistician, academic, SIUK VP
Dieter Pevsner
Editor, Publisher, SIUK Committee member
John Reed (1909-1999)
Musicologist, teacher, BBC producer, first SIUK Chairman
Albi Rosenthal (1914-2004)
Bookseller, collector, SIUK committee member
Andrew Shackleton
Editor, printer, Schubertian typesetter
Chris Sheppard
Head of Special Collections, Leeds University
Peter Stadlen (1910-1996)
Pianist, musicologist, music critic
Marion Thorpe (1926 - 2014)
Pianist, friend of Britten, SIUK Honorary Member
Nicholas Toller (1954–2007)
Lecturer, conductor, SIUK committee member
Patricia Troop
SIUK Committee member
Father Reinhard van Hoorickx (1918-1997)
Priest, Honorary SIUK Member, Schubert song completer

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