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The Schubertian Journal

The Schubertian

The Schubertian is the journal of SIUK, founded in 1991. It is published four times a year, with the latest issue being number 110 from June 2021. Note that volumes 1-12 of the Journal were simply known as The Schubert Institute (UK) Newsletter. In the very early issues of the journal, it was common for articles to appear in translation or a translated précis from the original in Schubert durch die Brille, the journal of the Internationales Franz Schubert Institut (IFSI). Members have access to pdfs of the Schubertian in the members' area. New members can join here.

Article Submissions

We welcome any prospective submissions for inclusion in the Schubertian journals, which are published every January, April, July and October. The deadline for articles is the 1st of the month prior to publishing (i.e. 1st March for the April issue). Please contact the Schubertian Editor with your submissions:

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