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New Schubert Research Center

In April 2021 a ‘Schubert Research Center’ was founded at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The aim of the center is to 'uncover social networks in the Viennese cultural life during the first half of the nineteenth century, to highlight connecting and dividing factors across borders and disciplines, and, more generally, to understand the world in which Schubert and his contemporaries lived and worked in a more differentiated and comprehensive way.' Upcoming events include a Workshop for Postgraduate International Students in December 2021.

To aid in the formation of networks and communication with scholars, musicians and the interested public worldwide, a newsletter will be circulated via email. The newsletter will include information about new research, call for papers, job vacancies, scholarships and more. The SIUK welcomes the formation of the New Schubert Research Center and encourages all SIUK members to subscribe to the newsletter and participate in events.

To subscribe to the newsletter or submit relevant information for inclusion, please write to

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